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4 Unique and Fun Winter Outdoor Activities You've Probably Never Tried Before

The cold has set-in, the snow is on the ground (if it isn't, then hopefully it will be arriving soon), and you're stuck inside. Or are you? Fact of the matter is a lot of us don't like the cold and left reminiscing of our favorite summer-time outdoor activities.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost for fun outdoor activities, you just got to give something new a go! Here are 4 unique and fun ways to spend time outside this winter!

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding

Dog sledding played an integral part in the exploration of the west and Northern Areas of North America. However, due to the invention of trains, planes, and automobiles, it's no longer the most efficient way of traveling.

Dog sledding has now transitioned into a cultural and leisure practice for populations among areas affected by cold winter temperatures across North America. 

Dog Sledding Races

These are more intense than they may seem, sure they don't go flying around corners at 175 mph like NASCAR races, but they do offer a unique display of teamwork, ability of the dogs, and endurance. If anything, these are more of a cultural experience with different food and activities centered around the race. Here are a few of the most famous dog sledding races to check out;

The Iditarod

Starting in Anchorage, Alaska and finishing a whopping 1049 miles away in Nome. This may perhaps be the greatest race on earth. Attending the ceremonial start in Anchorage, Alaska is perhaps a hidden dream of an event to check out.

With many local business hosting events be sure to check out visit anchorage to keep updated on events surrounding the dog race, as well as Nome's events calendar, this could make for an awesome and unique trip!

Try Dog Sledding Near You

Many cities, and organizations in the northern part of the United States offer some sort of Dog Sledding course. These locations are a good place to start.


Snowshoeing in winter

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

Snowshoeing offers a fun and easy way to get outside, without sinking knee-deep into snow powder. Basic snowshoeing will probably start with rentals from your local county or state park. 

Great for everyone

Whether you have a family of small children or aren't able to do high-intensity snow sports anymore, Snowshoeing offers a more relaxed alternative for everybody.


For rentals, you can expect anywhere from $20 - $35 a day. However, if you would like to get into snowshoeing more yourself, it's a minor investment a pair of snowshoes can cost less than $80 in most cases.

Recommended Gear

Baffin Snow boots

Baffin Men's Crossfire Snow Boots

For snowshoeing, it's highly recommended that you have a high-quality waterproof winter boot, Rated to -40 degrees, this will keep your feet warm and dry on the trails.

Cross-country Skiing

cross country skiing

Cross-country Skiing offers a unique blend of an endurance workout, as well as a great way to avoid expensive ski-lift tickets. Not to mention it offers less risk of injury.

Explore trails a different way

Often cities and parks will turn hiking trails into cross-country ski trails in the winter. Cross-country skiing gives you the opportunity to experience your favorite running of hiking trail a new way during winter! 

Winter Bonfires (mmmmmm S'mores)


If you haven't done this before, you should try this now! Everybody loves sitting around a warm fire roasting s'mores, however, the feeling of warmth on your body and hot gooey goodness on your tongue just feels so much more satisfying when it's 20 degrees outside.

Recommended Clothing

Men's and Women's Fleece

 Men's Fleece
Women's Fleece

It's important to keep warm still, make sure you have a good base layer like fleece then a water-proof shell to stay warm on winter nights!

So why should nights spent around the fire stop when the snow comes? Give this a go, you won't regret it!

What are your favorite winter-time activities? 


That’s great! Yellowstone is a beautiful place so I’d imagine there were some awesome trails to explore there! Thanks for the insight!
-Ben from Proozy

Ben Gustafson

First time I went cross country skiing in Yellowstone was the most amazing experience. I believe most people can do this, you don’t have to be a great shape to do it. It was a great way to see things in the winter. And you have work hard to move so you don’t think about your regular busy life stuff for awhile.


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