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Proozy Pups: Top 5 Active Lifestyle Doggos, Good Boys, and Good Girls

Proozy Pups: Top 5 Active Lifestyle Doggos, Good Boys, and Good Girls

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Who can resist dogs? Yeah, they may cause some mischief digging in the garbage from time to time. But let’s be honest, who can stay mad at those eyes?

 puppy eyes


Not me, that's for sure.

Being an active lifestyle company we decided to put together a list of our favorite dogs, who we think live the Proozy lifestyle the best. Without further ado, heres’ our list of active lifestyle dogs of Instagram!

5. aspenthemountainpup

Living in the mountains of Colorado with his humans @hunter_lawrence and @sarah_michelle_lawrence, Aspen lives to adventure with his family! A few of Aspen’s favorite things are;

Getting wet.


 Wearing neat hats.




Spending time with his loving family



4. Maximus the Golden

Maximus and lifting partner @nohlsen work hard in and out of the gym, Whenever Noah needs a boost, Maximus is there to help! A couple of Maximus’ favorite things are;


Begging for treats from Dad




Helping dad crush a workout!

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3. jazz.paws

Jasper was born to be an explorer. This rescue mutt and good boy loves exploring the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with his human and “photo taker” @whitwhitehouse. Notably Things Jasper is great at (besides having an awesome name) are;


Gently letting things rest on his nose.



Being super photogenic, at all times!




Finding dandelions for mom.


2. roxietheaussie

Roxie is an Austrailian Shepard service dog to her mom. She is always there to support mom along many different adventures! Some of her favorite things are;


Caring for mom whenever she needs help!



Being the coolest heckin’ running cat, I mean, dog around.

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>>>Scroll for more pics! >>> A few shots taken over my awesome @ragnarrelay weekend up in America's Mitten. It was heckin' cold up here, but luckily Mommy travels with her trusty @dryrobe and kept both of us warm. ❤️ . I saw old friends, made new ones, ran many miles, knocked out the #ReebokRagnarLeg, crashed a homecoming pre-dance photoshoot, tagged a few vans, came across a few other forms of transportation, wore several funny hats, ate all the carbs, tried to enlist in the @usarmy (Mommy said I couldn't), rocked my new sweet @goodr shades, and made new, amazing memories. . Thanks for the great weekend, @puremichigan! . @reebok #RagnarRelayMI #RagnarRelay #servicedog #workingdog #workingdogsofig #runnerdog #RagnarianDog #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #doggosdoingthings #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #aussienation #aussiesofinstagram #aussiesofig #aussiesdoingthings #ChaseTheSun #ChaseTheMoon #innerWILD #RoadToImmortal #instarunners #healthiertogether #TeamJugsAndAThug #ReebokRagnarLeg

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 And finally…


Being a candidate we can all get behind! #Votegoodboy2020



Finally, our personal favorite pup in the insta-verse, goes to...


1. Otto the Adventure Pup (@alexborsuk)

Otto is a mixed rescue, mountain dog, explorer extraordinaire! He has summited many mountain peaks along with mom @alex_borsuk. We absolutely love his adventures pushing the limit to what's possible for all of dog-kind. Some of Otto’s favorite things are;


Being self-sufficient, and a protector the family.



 Giving romantic kisses on mountain tops.




And posing perfectly for every photo as the best adventure pup around!



Do you have a furry workout partner, adventure pup, or companion? Comment in our posts or tag #proozypup or #LiveProozy to be featured on our Instagram. Also, let the Proozy community know about any other cute companions to follow!

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