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A dress, A Birthday, 26 pounds, and Courage: How Proozy’s own, Jackie Ballard lost 14% of Her Body Weight in 2 Months

Ben Gustafson -

Recently ProozyFit held a weight-loss competition organized by Kari Warwick, with the help of head of training Jeff Culhane. Kari and the team challenged Proozy employees to lose weight as an incentive to living a healthier lifestyle and keep active through Proozyfit.

Learn more about Jackie's courageous and inspirational act, and how she serves those around her.

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The Most Common Mistakes when trying to build GLUTES

Jeff Culhane -

Glutes are a MAJOR factor in overall athleticism for both men and women and their ability to produce power and change direction quickly. If your glutes are underdeveloped, you will most likely have a hard time playing most sports, changing direction, and even hiking can be much more difficult if your glutes are not performing like they should. 

Head of training Jeff Culhane goes into more detail on how to build glutes

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December 2018 Fitness Newsletter: SMART Goals and Fitness Quick Tips

Jeff Culhane -

Here we are, the last month of 2018. 27 DAYS left in the year and in 18 DAYS (December 22nd), the amount of daylight will start to INCREASE. Hang in there! The leftovers are hopefully all gone (food safety reasons) and the next couple of weeks are going to be a challenge on the food intake side.

Learn more about SMART goals in fitness and some quick tips for December!

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How To Get a Head Start on Your 2019 Fitness Goals

Jeff Culhane -

Happy Monday Proozy Readers!

This is the first official monthly newsletter to help everyone with some tips on how to improve your health. Every day consists of a pattern of habits. What time you get up, who needs food, what time to leave the house, etc.

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Swim, Bike, Run…Repeat! – How I got hooked on Tri’s

Scott Tenley -

Six months ago, if you said I’d be competing in triathlon’s, I would have thought you needed to see a doctor. Swimming, biking, and running long distances simply didn’t make my list of fun things to do. Yet, six months later, I’m down 50 pounds and in the best shape of my life!

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Learning From Failure: A Team Sports Essay

Brady Soderstrom -

Things don’t always go your way in baseball, in fact you can make it to the hall of fame if you succeed only 4 out of 10 times. It is a failure sport, and if you can’t deal with failure then you won’t succeed. When things aren’t going your way, when hits are hard to come by and the umpire’s seems to be squeezing you a bit, you find out what you’re made of. 

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My Wake-Up Call

Sterling Munksgard -

“Your body is a ticking time bomb” he followed up. All I could do was mumble, “yeah, I know” staring at the skeleton in the corner. I weighed in well over 300 LBS in a 6-foot-tall frame. But this wasn’t my wake-up call. 

Learn more about Sterling's weight loss journey here.

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How Group-Fitness Became "My Jam"

Amy Opsal -

Cycle - I knew I looked lost when the instructor had to personally help me onto my bike. MEASUREMENTS ARE KEY, PEOPLE. Finding the right height and length to balance your bike makes a world of difference. Also participants are extra competitive in this class when they ask you to “saddle up”! This means you are not sitting on the seat and basically resistance running on your bike.

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How I Lost 45 Pounds and Created Love Sweat Fitness

Katie Dunlop -

"You can’t out-train a bad diet! And abs aren’t just made in the kitchen. It takes a combination of the right nutrition AND workouts to truly transform your body. If you want to increase your confidence, boost your metabolism and get a strong sculpted body, you need the perfect balance of both!..."

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