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Tips for Visiting Yellowstone with Children

Proozy Contributor -

Here are 10 tips to follow that you should consider as you prepare for your visit with children. In order to maximize your experience in the park, especially if it might be your only time that you get to go to Yellowstone!

Peter and Dona Quinlan from livingtheqlife breakdown how to do Yellowstone with children.

Mountain Biking and this Seasons Take-Aways

Alec Helseth -

Are you getting out and riding your bike as much as you can before the winter season comes!? Well if you are like me and live in the beautiful state of Minnesota then it is already too late.  Fortunately, there is still plenty of riding to do in the winter if you can bear the cold, but that's not what I want to talk about with you today.

Rather, what did you learn this season on your journey to becoming the best mountain biker you can be?

Top 10 Family Camping and Adventure Vacations.

Tina Adams -

Explore the wonders of the United States with Tina Adams. Tina goes through an extensive list of tips and tricks on a variety of family adventures from Yellowstone National Park, all the way to Walt Disney World! Including lesser-known family gems to visit!

Hikes to Change Your Life: Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa and Lesotho

Natalie Rataczak -

"...Little did I know, I would be willing to pay my entire life savings (to be honest, that probably not that much more than $200 at this point…) for the hike upon which I was about to embark..."

Mountain Biking Genesis: How to Get Serious about Mountain Biking like I Did

Alec Helseth -

Are you thinking of getting your butt in a saddle and putting your feet to the pedals? Do you desire to get active or are maybe seeking a new adventure? Mountain biking may be able to fulfill your yearnings to get outside and experience a new workout...

Free Solo Movie Review: Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold, and National Geographic Produce One of the Best Documentaries to Ever Hit Theaters

Alec Helseth -

For those who do know climbing, his free solo climb is absolutely unfathomable. To put this into perspective, this achievement is like a professional golfer trying to hit a hole in one on every hole at the toughest golf course in America...

4 Famous Hunters Changing the Perception of the Modern Hunter.

Alec Helseth -

Learn from hunters like Steven Rinella, Cam Hanes, Remi Warren, and Adam Greentree. These hunters are shedding new light onto hunting, by offering new and fresh content about their lifestyles...

Gear Junkie: The One Stop Shop Outdoor Gear Review Site for your Outdoor Adventures

Alec Helseth -

Should you go for that Marmot Jacket or Patagonia one? Why in the world is Arc’teryx gear so expensive? Fortunately for you, has got you covered.

How To Spend Your Summer Vacation

Proozy Contributor -

On the off hours and days, the Center encourages residents to take advantage of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Loaner canoes and paddles are available for sign-out. Swimming and canoeing are available on the Center's Pickett Lake which is bordered by bedrock ridges and outcroppings. The sauna on Pickett Lake is available two days a week. The surrounding forest, wetlands and glaciated ridges provide a wild, peaceful daily setting.

Why You Should Go To Yellowstone National Park || Bucket List Trip

Tonya Damron -

Each day I would wake up at sunrise, grab some coffee, jump in the car, crank up the music, roll down the windows and just drive. I absolutely loved not having a schedule, my cell phone having little service and traveling by myself. I find that when I travel it gives me a clear mind...

Try to Explain "Fly Fishing" to a Bear

Eric Lopez -

"This is the home of "combat fishing" for sockeye salmon. Folks stand shoulder to shoulder attempting to cast a fly into the jaws of a willing salmon. Limit is 6 fish per person, per day for the hundreds of people lining the river daily at the peak of the run...

5 Tips for Great Trail Hiking

Megan Maxwell -

I first got into backpacking during college on the Appalachian Trail. Upon graduation, I set out to hike the Appalachian Trail in its entirety from Georgia to Maine. Six months and 2,000 miles later, I completed my goal.

The Joy of Simple Carbs

Proozy Contributor -

Very few meals can compare to the joy of eating a bowl of steel-cut oats cooked in boiled lake water over a campfire in a light rain just a stone's throw from the Canadian border...

S'Mores For One: A Lesson In Camping Solo

Proozy Contributor -

There can be a lot of looming fears when camping for the first time by yourself. There’s no one to lend you the toothpaste you forgot or assure you that the growling sound during the night was a nearby camper and not a bear...