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1,000,000 Orders 🎉

Jeremy Segal -

1,000,000 Orders 🎉


A Message from our CEO, Jeremy Segal:

We started out small, with a limited product offering, but I am proud to say that as of today, we have the largest selection of styles & the most inventory we've had in our company history.

What is Proozy?

Alec Helseth -

Discover what Proozy is all about, our core values, our passions, and our business. We strive to "Push The Limit" in everything we do, becoming the best we can be. Read more to learn more about the LiveProozy movement.

Taking Control Of My Mornings And Starting New Habits

Kimee Reed -

Starting new habits and getting back into shape by doing something such as running can be difficult especially if you have no idea where to start or how to fit it into your already busy schedule. That’s why it is important to take control of our mornings and hang onto what is motivating us.

Read to find out tips to help you get started.

New Hiking Adventure: Vernon Hills Memorial Arbortheater

Dijana Ibric -

Does anyone else feel like this summer is just flying by?! Read more to learn about how Dijana's family spent their summer day at Vernon Hills Memorial Arbortheater!

How To Buy Birkenstocks On Sale For The Whole Family!

Kelly Towart -

Kids grow so fast making it difficult to find affordable and high quality activewear for the whole family! In this post I am sharing my best kept secret for buying high end brands at affordable prices! I have been a Birkenstock lover for years and you would never believe the prices that I found them for on Proozy! Make sure you check out the post for all the details! 

20 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout Video - Lindsey Bomgren, Nourish Move Love

Alec Helseth -

20 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout - Courtesy of Lindsey Bomgren from
We are so excited to announce our partnership with Lindsey Bomgren from Nourish Move Love to bring this awesome full body workout to follow along with at home!

A dress, A Birthday, 26 pounds, and Courage: How Proozy’s own, Jackie Ballard lost 14% of Her Body Weight in 2 Months

Alec Helseth -

Recently ProozyFit held a weight-loss competition organized by Kari Warwick, with the help of head of training Jeff Culhane. Kari and the team challenged Proozy employees to lose weight as an incentive to living a healthier lifestyle and keep active through Proozyfit.

Learn more about Jackie's courageous and inspirational act, and how she serves those around her.

December 2018 Fitness Newsletter: SMART Goals and Fitness Quick Tips

Alec Helseth -

Here we are, the last month of 2018. 27 DAYS left in the year and in 18 DAYS (December 22nd), the amount of daylight will start to INCREASE. Hang in there! The leftovers are hopefully all gone (food safety reasons) and the next couple of weeks are going to be a challenge on the food intake side.

Learn more about SMART goals in fitness and some quick tips for December!

Putting with the Pin in.

Peter Robbins -

Professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau has decided to make use of a new rule change for 2019 from the USGA and R&A that will allow players to leave the flagstick in while putting on the green.

Top 4 Best Ski and Snowboard Resorts in the US

Alec Helseth -

From Big Sky to Colorado, and even the Sierra Nevadas we crave the speed and adrenaline pumping ride down the slopes. Whether you’re taking on double black diamonds or the bunny hill, snow sports is something that most can give a try. Check out our list of the top ski resorts in the US! 

Everybody Can Do CrossFit - 3 Common Misconceptions

Alec Helseth -

Now I’m not saying everyone should. However, a majority of the population is able to do a very simple version of the workouts. If I had to decide between having Type 2 diabetes, Heart disease, or sore muscles.. I’m going with the sore muscles option.

Free Solo Movie Review: Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold, and National Geographic Produce One of the Best Documentaries to Ever Hit Theaters

Alec Helseth -

For those who do know climbing, his free solo climb is absolutely unfathomable. To put this into perspective, this achievement is like a professional golfer trying to hit a hole in one on every hole at the toughest golf course in America...

4 Famous Hunters Changing the Perception of the Modern Hunter.

Alec Helseth -

Learn from hunters like Steven Rinella, Cam Hanes, Remi Warren, and Adam Greentree. These hunters are shedding new light onto hunting, by offering new and fresh content about their lifestyles...

Gear Junkie: The One Stop Shop Outdoor Gear Review Site for your Outdoor Adventures

Alec Helseth -

Should you go for that Marmot Jacket or Patagonia one? Why in the world is Arc’teryx gear so expensive? Fortunately for you, has got you covered.

Learning From Failure: A Team Sports Essay

Brady Soderstrom -

Things don’t always go your way in baseball, in fact you can make it to the hall of fame if you succeed only 4 out of 10 times. It is a failure sport, and if you can’t deal with failure then you won’t succeed. When things aren’t going your way, when hits are hard to come by and the umpire’s seems to be squeezing you a bit, you find out what you’re made of. 

476 Calories Burned - BEFORE COFFEE

Alex Case -

"...then, a calendar invite appears. The boss has invited several us around the office for a 6AM run. Initially, I recoiled in horror and disbelief. Surely, he knows the weather reports… He can’t be serious… This was outside of my comfort zone…literally..."

11 Ways to Show Your Appreciation on Veterans Day

Alec Helseth -

If you know someone who served in the military, regardless of whether or not they served in a war, please show them your gratitude for their service. Whether you say it in person, over the phone, via text, a Tweet, or a Facebook post, your thanks matters - so don’t be afraid to get creative!