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Top 4 Best Ski and Snowboard Resorts in the US

Header Image credit: Aspen Skiing Company - Photographer: Matt Power

From Big Sky to Colorado, and even the Sierra Nevadas we crave the speed and adrenaline pumping ride down the slopes. Whether you’re taking on double black diamonds or the bunny hill, snow sports is something that most can give a try. Now is it the safest winter activity? No way, people get injured so proceed with caution and know what you’re getting into, if it's your first time on the slopes, please stay off the black diamonds!

Now for those who are experienced and are looking for an awesome thrill, here’s a list to help you find your next destinations for the best ski and snowboard resorts in the United States!

Aspen Snowmass, Aspen CO, Experience Level - Beginner-Advanced

Aspen Snowmass Skier

Image Credit: Aspen Skiing Company - Photographer: Matt Power

Almost synonymous with snow sports, Aspen has become a go-to destination for beginner to advanced level snow sports hobbyist. While it’s obvious purpose is to provide slopes for those to ride, it also provides more than just slopes, Aspen Snowmass also organizes other activities such as snowshoeing, Alpine Coasters, tubing, and even snowbikes (never heard of it, but it looks cool).

The Resort Stay

Resort Stay at Aspen Snowmass

Image Credit: Aspen Skiing Company - Photographer: Matt Power

Aspen Snowmass is a Ski Resort - with extra emphasis on the resort. Offering excellent opportunities to take in live music, nightlife, and shopping. The town of Aspen, in general, is simply an amazing place for any snow sports enthusiast, some would call it a paradise to meet others who love the sport you love, and to wind down after long days on the slopes.

Town of Aspen

Image Credit: Aspen Skiing Company


Nightlife is very different from person to person. Some of those want a nice place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine, while others want some fist bumping action! Thankfully Aspen has something for everybody.

Sit Back and Relax - Ajax Tavern

Ajax Tavern

Image Credit: Aspen Skiing Company

For this, we’d recommend going to the Ajax Tavern for the night with its large wine list, a convenient location at the bottom of the mountain. It’s known for their “Truffle Fries” as well as offering a wide selection of food from oysters all the way to juicy burgers and Moscow mules!

Winter Park Resort, Winter Park CO, Experience Level Beginner-Advanced

Winter Park Colorado

Image Credit: Carl Frey/Winter Park Resort.

Winter Park Colorado is technically the “highest city in the us” although this often disputed as there are residents of other cities within the lower 48 that live higher. Regardless of the actuality of this notion, it lives up to this title and more with the awesome powder and thousands of skiable acres. Much like Aspen Snowmass, you can’t really go wrong here with the huge variety of activities to do. For winter park it's about much more than just the amazing mountain, it’s about all the activities and complimentary experiences that come with the town!

Mountain Top Lodge and Views Apres Ski

Mountan Top Lodge Winter Park

Image Credit: Carl Frey/Winter Park Resort.

Is there anything better than a mountain top view of the sunset? I’d argue yes actually, how about a mountain top view, in a nice warm lodge, chowing down on some amazing Colorado specialties like Rainbow Trout, Elk Tournedos, or Buffalo Ribeye? Of course, it’s not cheap, but hey you get one of the best sunsets in the world up here, depending on how much that is worth to you. You can bite the bullet on the price of the food!

Complimentary Sunday Yoga at Winter Park

Sunday Yoga Winter Park

Image Credit: Carl Frey/Winter Park Resort.

What better way to wake up than stretching out your muscles with some morning Yoga? Sure the slopes are pretty awesome, but let's take some time out to prevent some injury here. Guys don’t feel ashamed, I guarantee some of the best skiers and snowboarder in the world practice Yoga. 7:30 - 8:30 every Sunday, and you know what the best part is? It’s free!

Brand New Gondola -  Opening

Winter Park Gondola

Image Credit: Carl Frey/Winter Park Resort.

Recently Winter Park opened a brand new gondola to get you to the top of the mountain in style and comfort. No longer will you have to endure the long, cold ski-lift rides. Winter Park gets you to the top in style!

Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes CA, Experience Level - Beginner-Advanced

Mammoth Mountain

Image Credit: Mammoth Mountain

Self-proclaimed as California’s best ski and snowboard resort, Mammoth Mountain lives up to its name! I know, typically when you think of California the vacations that come to mind are the sunny beach views, Hollywood tours, warm weather and theme parks. However don’t sleep on the Snow in Cali, it's every bit as good as Colorado, even better in some places!


Perfect Ski and Snowboard Resort for Families

mammoth mountain for families

Image Credit: Mammoth Mountain

For those with little ones strapping in the bindings and boots for the first time, Mammoth Mountain makes for an excellent destination. They make sure to cater to all of their customers, making sure to hold Group lessons for young kids, as well as even offer free skiing for kids under 4. They even have mascots and weekly events to keep the kids entertained. Check out Woolly below!

Wooly Mammoth Mountain

Image Credit: Mammoth Mountain

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 Mammoth Mountain Deals

Image Credit: Mammoth Mountain

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming,  Experience Level - Intermediate-Expert

Jackson Hole Ski Resort Horse

Image Credit: Jackson Hole Resort

If you’re looking for an escape to the wild west look no further than Jackson Hole. Nestled just south of the famous Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. This area is among the wildest and most pristine wilderness in the world being nestled in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Wild West Feel and Serene Lodge

Jackson Hole Wild West Feel

Image Credit: Jackson Hole Resort

Getting to Jackson Hole is not the easiest for those in major population centers of the US. Nor is it cheap, however the peaceful serenity allows you to enjoy the snow avoiding the large crowds. Is it still a popular resort? Yes, so there will be people there, dont get me wrong. However, when you compare Jackson Hole to the others on this list the crowds seem a bit thinner and you have quite a bit more space to enjoy the snow!

Appeal to more advanced level of Snow Sport Athletes

Snow Sport Athletes in Jackson Hole

Image Credit: Jackson Hole Resort

Did you see the mountains in that first picture? Pretty rugged huh? Well, it’s reflected in the Bowls near the top of Rendezvous Mountain (a 4,139ft verticle rise), if you’re new to skiing and snowboarding do not ski down the entire mountain! I repeat do not do it! However, for those who have experience, this can be an amazing, skill-testing experience to push your limits on runs! Just watch out for trees and tree wells.

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There are hundreds of ways to enjoy an active lifestyle outside this winter, be sure to explore winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Let us know why you love winter in the comments below. 


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