Proozing the News: Introduction

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My smartphone is programmed to play my favorite motivational speech at 5:15am. When it blasted inspiration at me this morning my girlfriend found out how tossing it across the room does not, in fact, turn it off. The “be-a-lion”-soapbox preacher got several decibels louder when my phone hit the wall. Thank goodness for life proof cases.

Today is the day.

Today I am particularly excited.

Today, our company is launching a new online retail website.

Prrrrrrooooooozzzzzzzyyyyyyy Dot. Com.

With this ringing in my head I steam rolled over her to get out of bed and got ready for the day, “OOOOHHHH ITS SOOO EAARLLLYYYY”…. I am a morning person; she is not. I threw on one of the myriad collard shirts I have and some Reebok mesh athletic shorts. I call it business casual but really it is just, affordable, comfortable, and it looks nice.  

As I made my way to the coffee maker downstairs I was reminded to enjoy the little things in life as I caught my dog, Dirk, lounging spread eagle on our leather couch that he is not allowed on. Better that than chewing on my Ol’ Mans’ new Adams a12os Iron that was set sitting out, I suppose. Dirk’s leg twitched, shaking the proverbial shoelace of drool that was hanging from an inverted jowl as I walked by. He looked content so I did not bother him. I laughed my ass off though.


Laughing your ass off is a pretty good way to start the day. So is 3 cups of coffee. In order to get our products from the shelves to you, our Savvy customer, in a timely and high fashion manner, yours truly goes through roughly 1 pot of coffee during the day. In fact I am currently downing what is likely my last cup while jamming to tunes with my tie around my head. This is my end of the day release: the calm after the storm so-to-speak. On any regular day, in roughly one hour I would either be hammering out some reps at the gym, hitting up my medieval combat class, fencing sabre, or buying my girlfriend fresh flowers. But today I am spending it with you; our remarkable

Without further ado, I introduce m’self: My name is Daniel DeSmidt, Level 2 Marketing Analyst (whatever that means), marine biologist, aspiring actor, and friend. is the company I work for and this is the company I keep! Where you – the savvy customer --saves in style!



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