Happy Easter!

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. My mother still hides my Easter Basket and yesterday morning I woke up to my dog nosing through it. I guess a stainless steel Dog food Container can’t stand between a 150lb bull mastiff and a chocolate rabbit, but that’s what you get when you hide candy on Dirks level. Luckily he is not into eating clothes or the Puma sweatshirt she got me would have been in real trouble.

This holiday always reminds me of a story I have from my glory days in Hawaii. My roommate at the time, whom we nicknamed “Jesus” for his beard and ridiculous hair, smoked an obscene amount of marijuana. In the middle of March he decided he was going to a hippie retreat in the Hawaiian wilderness and subsequently missed out on the following 3 weeks of school. He was gone so long, in fact, that it prompted me to start making resurrection jokes around Easter when this happened. 

With four days until the Holiday I received my Easter Basket in the mail. Three days 'til, I rose to find my room full of weed smoke, yet again, and my roommate Jesus covered in dirt and wreaking of B.O., nosing through my egg shaped jellybeans much like my dog was doing yesterday morning. If his New Balance calorie counting watch was able to talk it would have been screaming bloody murder at him. Noticing I was there, he apologized and took another puff of his pipe, ascending to yet another higher plane while I left to meet some friends for breakfast. If Daniel had prophesied the end of his easter candy I would say my namesake and I had more in common. Before I left, Jesus had started playing around with my perfect fitness workout equipment, apparently riding his sugar rush out on my mini stepper and simultaneously doing chest flies with my tendon pro.... it was quite a sight.  

Much of this wonderful holiday symbolizes new beginnings, hence the eggs filled with candy and other wonderful prizes: promises of a new and bright future. While it may not be as deep seated as a religious resurrection or the theft of holiday candy by dogs of all kinds, the revealing of our new website holds equal promise for the 30 plus workers here at Proozy.com. We will nurture and care for it as if it were an egg. It holds our dreams and has unlimited potential as a company. It holds the potential to bring you the best deals, to donate to just causes, to spread style and promote positivity. We care about Proozy because we care about you, not just as our loyal customer, but also as our friends and family. Happy Easter. :)



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