Cabin Life in 2017

Cabin Life in 2017


My grandpa used to delight in telling the same joke about being lost in the wilderness.

The beginning was always different, but the ending was always the same. He would say, "So then... (pause for dramatic effect) giving up all hope of finding my way out, or being rescued, I pulled out my deck of playing cards and dealt a game of solitaire. Sure enough, 2 minutes later someone was over my shoulder telling me what move to make next."

A deck of cards was absolutely a cabin essential for him and the rest of the family. Over the years, I've heard adults fondly remember their weekend trips and vacations at "The Cabin" being filled with card games with friends and family. So, I figured it was time for a short list of essential items for cabin life in 2017.

Columbia Men's Cascades Explorer Long Sleeve Shirt

This is a great cabin shirt because of its versatility. On those cool mornings and late evenings you can put the sleeves down to keep warm and the bugs off of your arms. Then, as the day heats up, the sleeves have tabs to hold them rolled up, but still providing some sun protection. In general, it's just a good rough and tumble kind of shirt that looks right at home in the cabin. 

Kutmaster WrenchHead 34-Function Multi-Tool 

This one is a no-brainer. Every cabin needs a multi-tool to handle all the little challenges that come up on a daily basis. The WrenchHead multi-tool is a great product to have and put in a glove box of a car, tacklebox, or in that one drawer in every cabin that contains everything from matches to koozies. Besides, you'd be surprised what the right tool in the right set of hands can accomplish. They made a whole TV show about such a scenario. (Pick one up for just $24)


1Tac Gear

So, you're sitting around the campfire and wood is running low. You get up to split a few more logs away from the fire and the light is low. Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear view of where you're swinging the axe? Do yourself a favor and pick up the headlamp. The survival bracelet is key in this situation, as well. As is the handheld flashlight, but the headlamp is perfect for this setting.

Campfire Jacket

Campfires at the cabin are great, but it seems like I always bake on one side and freeze on the other. It seems strange to think about a jacket in the summer time, but it's nice to have something on you back and arms to keep the bugs away. The North Face Veranda is great because it's super comfortable and very affordable WITH THIS PRICE OR CODE. And the Under Armour Hoodie is one of those staple wardrobe items that works well pretty much anywhere you put it. Use the code: NF54 to pick up the Veranda. And, use: UA28 on the Hoodie to get it for essentially half price.

Beverage Container

There are 3 standing rules on the boat at the family cabin:
1. No Shoes on the boat
2. No glass bottles on the boat
3. Everyone tubes
The no glass thing makes a lot of sense when everyone is barefoot. So one way around that is the Eco Vessel Boulder TriMax Triple Insulated Bottle. Whether it's staying hydrated, or keeping your favorite adult beverage chilled, this is the way to go. The only drawback is good luck finding it if you drop it in the woods. But I guess that's the risk you run with anything camouflage. Live by the sword, Die by the sword. Pick one up for $19.99.

Just For Good Measure...

Fireworks, Fishing, and Ugly Hats.

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