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LifeStraw - A Post-Modern Trophy

We see a lot of cool products at Outside of the bare essentials for athletic activities, or outdoor gear, a lot of them tend to be functional to help you live a more practical life. For example, we carry a lot of T-shirts that just work better than an average cotton T-shirt for most workouts. (This was covered in a previous blog post. If you haven't read it, please do. Just scroll down.) 

But recently, we brought on board a new product for us at that's caught my eye, and that's the LifeStraw Portable Water Filter Survival device.

I've known about this product for a few years but have always thought it was for Green Beret-Military-Survivalist types. It was only after seeing the product in person that I realized the value of it. I personally could have benefited from carrying this small product on at least 3 vacations I've taken.


1. Indonesia - 2014 

I completed a 3 day volcano hike where we had to carry all of the water for the trip with us. This thing would have lightened my load considerably.


2. Alaska - 2004

On a 4 day fishing trip with a few guys and supplies were running low. Two of us ended up driving an hour into town to get a few gallons of water.


3. Panama - 2015

In the middle of an all-day cave tour, everyone in the group was feeling the midday heat and finishing their water off early. I was no exception. Surrounded by freshwater, but not a clean drop to drink.

In the land of the thirsty, the man with the magic straw is king.

While this isn't something that would play a vital role in my day-to-day life, as I have the privilege to live in a land that has clean and readily available drinking water at the turn of a handle, it serves a purpose as a motivational tool.

Having a LifeStraw sit on my desk for a couple of days now reminds me of the privileged life that I lead. A life that allows me to travel to places where this product is designed to make the inhospitable accessible. 

It is like a post-modern trophy of a life lead outside the cozy walls of The very presence of the LifeStraw on my desk is a reminder that there are adventures waiting for me. It also is a sure bet that nearly half of the Proozy team will be offering one up for the next office holiday party gift exchange we do.

Reading up on this product, I quickly got a sense that they are truly saving lives and reducing suffering across the globe for over a dozen years.

Quick Plug:

  • Award-winning LifeStraw has been used by millions around the globe since 2005
  • Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (LOG 6 reduction) and surpasses EPA standards for water filters
  • Removes minimum 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (LOG 3 reduction) and filters to an amazing 0.2 microns
  • Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals
  • Comes in a sealed bag, perfect for storing for emergencies
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