The 2017 Power Rankings of 2nd Tier Sports!

The 2017 Power Rankings of 2nd Tier Sports!


Well, no one asked for it, but here it is: The 2017 Power Rankings of 2nd Tier Sports.

This is by no means an objective list. This is merely the musings of an overly excited mind about leisure activities. To start, the major sports (football, hockey, baseball, etc) have been removed from competition due to their obvious unfair advantage.

In the interest of fairness, the “sports” have been grouped by the type of venue.


Spelling Bee
There is a certain amount of standing involved.
Dog Show
Cup Stacking
More than just the song.
The only sport where you can eat a chili-dog during the game.
Dodge ball
No head shots or you're out.
Way harder than it looks, hoser!
Table Tennis
Faster than you think.
Everyone seems to have a trick shot.


Ranges from terrifying to awesome, often both.
Tether ball
Someone always gets bashed in the face.
Lawn Games (Bags/Cornhole, Boccie Ball, Horseshoes, Croquet)
Some people call it "Corn Hole" but only in the Midwest. Even then, not everyone.
Competitive Eating
Nothing good can come from doing this INSIDE.
The great equalizer.
The official sport of "Brandy" by Looking Glass.
It's like Croquet, but with a higher risk of stepping in poop.
The only sport where 2 eyes are too many.
Your official 2017 Bracket
As you can see, it was a strong year for Lawn Games. They were in a tough conference, but came out on top. In the interest of fairness across the competitors, the individual Lawn Games were also broken down as follows:
Your Sudden Death Bracket of Lawn Games.
As the brackets show, this was a proud year for Bags or Corn Hole, (depending on where you live or what name you prefer), but ultimately it was Croquet with a surprise upset. It seems that every bracket has a dark horse winner and this old-timey mallet sport came up with the number one spot. Although it was sad to see Lawn Darts be eliminated again this year due to their illegal status, it's probably for the best due to the inevitable head injuries stemming from game play.
This year's competition boils down to wardrobe. We're seeing that the competitors that do better than others are across the board, better dressed. Our winner this year, Croquet, is typically played in smart attire. A stylish polo shirt is really the peak of fashion and functionality for the sport. As much as golf, polo, or tennis has embraced the polo shirt, Croquet enjoys a full on love affair with the garment. Our second place finisher, Bags/Corn Hole, is no stranger to the polo shirt; however, popped collar trend from a few years back may have played a factor in the competition.
Croquet players with polo shirts
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