Why April 25th is the "Perfect Date"

Why April 25th is the "Perfect Date"


Ahh yes, "Miss Congeniality" and the old "Perfect Date" joke

There's a lot of truth to this statement. Sure, the answer to the question is a hilarious re-direct and shows how oddly disconnected the beauty pageant contestant is, but the sentiment is genuine. (Plus, I love this type of humor).

It seems that every year at about this time the weather gets a little more reliable to the point where the gloves and knit hats have been retired for the foreseeable future. Gone are the snow-melting March days of rain and mud. Although, late April is not without it's surprises, the general feeling in the upper mid-west is that by April 25th, it's a safe bet that all you'll need is a light jacket.

Well, here at Proozy.com, we did some research on this.  

(Full disclosure: it wasn't so much scientific as it was just a bunch of us talking about our favorite jackets.)

The consensus around the office was everybody has a story that goes something like this:

7 AM - I took a jacket but didn't wear it.

Noon - Went outside during lunch and it was great! Nice spring day!

6 PM - "It getting kinda chilly, can you grab my fleece?"

And Your Winner Is:


So, the clear winner that we came up with is the Columbia Women's 1/2 Zip Arctic Air Fleece. It's warm enough during those great spring evenings when you're happy just to be outside doing ANYTHING past five o'clock. It's really functional because with the high collar can keep you warm on a cool spring night, and conversely, the jacket with the zipper down can achieve a pretty good airflow. And, the best part is the price. (If you're still reading this, do yourself a favor and enter Promo Code: READ19 at checkout for one of these and because you are an awesome person that actually reads this, you'll get one for $19).

 Honorable mentions include:

First Runner Up
Fun Fact: "Osito" is Spanish for "Teddy Bear"

Second Runner Up
As far as hoodies go, this one is a solid choice.
Fun Fact: Cutter & Buck sounds like a 70's Buddy Cop TV Show 


While the Columbia fleece is our winner, for a few dollars more, you really can't do much better than a quality The North Face hoodie.
Fun Fact: The North Face logo is modeled after "Half Dome" in Yosemite National Park.
So, even though the "Perfect Day" has already come and gone, everyone at Proozy.com hopes that you are enjoying the new season and are dressing appropriately for it. Don't forget to order your Columbia Arctic Air Fleece and enter the promo code "READ19". (This is only available here, so take advantage of it and thank you for reading.)
And now, for no particular reason, let's all enjoy Miss Teen South Carolina's moment in the sun.

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