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Shopping for kids can feel like mopping during a rainstorm. No matter what effort you make, they’ll tear clothing up, get it horribly, permanently dirty, and outgrow everything in no time flat. As a parent, you want to get high-quality clothing that lasts against anything your child throws at it. As for the outgrowing, well, at least it’ll last so you can pass it down to the next kid. Proozy has a wide range of items for active, outdoorsy kids, all at prices well below retail. The same brands you’d expect to find for high quality adult clothes are available for kids, like Under Armour, Fila, Reebok, Quiksilver, and Spyder. Like everything at Proozy, you don’t pay a premium for those names. Get graphic t-shirts for exercising or just wearing around (with kids those two categories tend to overlap). Get Reebok training shorts that can be worn all summer long. How about track pants, sweatpants, and fleece pants to outfit your kids all year long? Kids will be kids and they will forever be forces of nature that never stop growing. You don’t need to fight it. Get them outfitted from Proozy and get clothes that will keep up with them.