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Quick: what’s the most important piece of athletic clothing? You probably have the same answer as everyone else. The first thing most people think of when it comes to athletic clothing is shoes. You wouldn’t dream of wearing your work shoes to the gym, right? Well, maybe you would if you work at a gym, of course. And you feel it right away if you’re active in the wrong pair of shoes. No, everyone knows you need specialized footwear for any outdoor or athletic activity. Proozy has you covered for any shoe you could need for any activity, all at prices well below retail. Get your classic Adidas or Nike running shoes. Steel toed shoes from Reebok for rigorous work environments. Golf shoes from Callaway or Under Armour. Quiksilver sandals for a more slow-paced outdoor experience. Or some slip on suede sneakers from Donald Pliner. Nautica for casual deck shoes. Did you know there were shoes for skateboarding? There are. Get them from Globe. And for every day use, get some Birkenstocks leather shoes (they’re more than sandals, you know). Since these are available at Proozy, they’re all high quality at outlet prices, so you’re not compromising on something so important. Upgrade to some great shoes.