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Fleece! It’s the wonder material from science that combines comfort and warmth in a lightweight package. Wouldn’t you want all of your clothes made from it? Who could blame you? Well, maybe just start with a fleece jacket and go from there. These jackets are perfect for that not-quite-full winter weather that still needs protection from dropping temperatures. Quiksilver jackets are perfect for a walk or hike through cold elements, while light enough to allow for full movement and activity. Champion's gear is designed for - you guessed it - any sport or activity that demands full movement and exertion. Canada Weather Gear’s full zip options are perfect going out on the town or any day to day activity. Of course, any of these jackets work in a wide variety of situations. They’re designed to keep you warm and comfortable and not get in your way. And since they’re coming from Proozy, you know that they’re high quality that will last, all at a very low price point. Fleece! What will science think of next?