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Socks and underwear: the great, forgotten items in every man’s wardrobe. Sometimes sitting together in your dresser, hand in hand (foot in foot?) they are the last to be updated. Sometimes they remain in service long past their usefulness. No more, we say. It’s time for you to upgrade your sock collection. After all, you know how important it is to have the right shoes for the job. Wouldn’t that logic apply to your socks as well? Get yourself several pairs for the different activities you do. Going to work? Get your standard business socks. Hitting the gym? It’s time for athletic socks. HIking around in the winter, climbing steep mountains and risking life and limb? Ahhh, you definitely want a more robust sock that can keep up with everything you dish out. You don’t want your toes poking through while hiking in the bitter cold. You may think quality doesn’t matter with something like your socks, but rest assured that any socks you purchase at Proozy are of as high a quality as any other item in the catalog. And like everything else we sell, that high quality does not mean a high price tag.