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Are you a committed t-shirt guy? No matter what the season, is the layer under your dress shirts strictly for the old classic short-sleeved T? Have you followed that pattern for years, but maybe are considering trying something new? Consider instead the humble tank top. We know what you might be thinking: tank tops are old fashioned (or only for bench pressing). Not true! Just like with your old t-shirts, tank tops don’t have to be the cheap afterthought purchase you make at a discount store. Don’t be scared about getting away from “cheap”, though. Tank tops can be high quality at a good price. It should be clear by now that that’s what Proozy is all about with everything we sell. That’s also what Under Armour is all about: high quality clothing that’s designed to take any abuse you give them. These are at such a reasonable price that they’re worth picking up even if you aren’t a tank-top guy. And if you are already, there’s no need to sell you on them: you know how comfortable and rugged they are. Wear it under your dress shirts or to the gym. Give them a shot.