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Staying comfortable in winter is tricky.You don’t have to be Goldilocks to find It’s very easy to get too hot or too cold too quickly. There’s no good one answer for every person in every winter condition. That’s why we dress in layers: it’s a way of self-regulating our temperature and comfort according to context. Sometimes you need a little extra comfort on your body but not so much for your limbs. You want to raise the temperature just a little while still being fully mobile. Gentlemen, I give you: the vest. Try an Adidas vest for that extra layer of warmth in the winter, whether working or playing (or just commuting) outside. Perfect for the golf course when a full jacket would get in the way. Or an OGIO vest if you’re a little more athletic in the snow (or again, just commuting). All are available in a variety of colors. And since you’re buying from Proozy, you know you’re getting high quality from brand names you know, all at a very low price point. Don’t struggle against the temperature needlessly. Work those layers. Get yourself a vest and thrive this winter.