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You’ve got some favorite shirts you’ve had a while. Where have you gotten your favorite shirts, especially the long sleeved ones? Maybe you “borrowed” one or two from someone once upon a time and then never got around to returning them. Maybe it was winter and you were cold, so of course you needed it. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. Your secret is safe. But now you have an opportunity to come clean and get your own favorite, long-sleeved shirts. Get yourself a good old-fashioned plaid button down, or a vintage chambray. For working out, look to a 2XU long sleeve or one of the Icebreaker line of sports shirts. As you know, all of these shirts are going to be high quality if they’re coming from Proozy. They’re also going to be at heavily discounted prices. Replenish your supply of shirts and make sure they’re 100% yours. Make some new favorites. Get yourself some new favorite long-sleeved shirts.