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Everyone has at least one favorite t-shirt. Maybe you have a few. It could be it reminds you of a favorite concert, or your alma mater, or it’s just the most comfortable item of clothing that you’ve ever worn. That’s why they’re your favorites. Maybe it’s time to make some new favorites by getting some new t-shirts. This time you can decide what your favorites are. So make sure they’re high quality t-shirts that will last a long time. Proozy carries well-known names like Under Armour, Nike, Skechers 2XU, La Sportiva, along with novelty t’s from Lucky Brand, or scuba support tops from 2XU, and asymmetrical cuts from Sam Edelman. Proozy is the place for t-shirts for running, working out, playing sports, wearing under your work clothes, wearing for going out on the town, or sitting on the couch and enjoying the soft comfort. Being that you’re ordering from Proozy, you know you’re getting high quality shirts that won’t fall apart easily, that can withstand multiple washings, and will look good all the while. And you won’t pay retail for all that quality. Maybe it’s time to make some new favorites to hold on to. Order some new favorites today.