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Oakley Sunglasses, Apparel, and Accessories


Oakley is a clothing and accessories brand that is best known for its line of sunglasses. The company was founded over 40 years ago in 1975 and is headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California. Interestingly enough, the brand started in its basement and was named after the founder's dog, an English Setter named Oakley Anne. The company designs and manufactures everything from backpacks, shoes, sports visors, and sunglasses to watches and snowboard goggles. Their sunglasses are especially a standout in comparison to other sunglass makers, as they've got some truly unique-looking styles that you simply won't find from other brands. You can also find many styles with vibrantly colored lenses. The majority of Oakley's designs were developed with the assistance of athletes who rigorously tested the products in the field. So, you know you're getting quality, technologically advanced products from Oakley, as their designs have all been put through the ringer before being released into the wild.

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