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The PUMA brand has one of the most recognizable logos in the apparel industry: a large leaping cat that is jumping over the brand's name. The apparel giant focuses on athletic and casual footwear, gear, and accessories, and they offer products for just about every sport you can think of. Whether you're into running, basketball, golf, soccer, or fitness, you can find PUMA listed among the top contributors of apparel in that space. In fact, the brand has even sponsored some of the biggest names in sports over the years, including Joe Namath, Pelé, Zhaire Smith, Andre Degrasse, and so many more. The brand is most known for its bold use of color pairing and its stylistic flair. While they do have a couple of plain-looking styles, you'll mostly find bright colors infused with a sporty look. The brand has bright hoodies, fleece pants, polos, sweatpants, jackets and more in its line, and their look is often replicated by lesser brands.

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