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Amy Opsal

Proozy Contributor

Amy Opsal was born and raised in Minnesota and is pursing a volleyball coaching career is Wisconsin. With a passion for the game, Amy continues to play professional beach volleyball on the EVP Tour. Always on the go, she has a love of all things fitness and continues to play volleyball in all variations include grass quads, triples, and doubles. Amy is always in pursuit of grow the game for all levels!

How Group-Fitness Became "My Jam"

Amy Opsal -

Cycle - I knew I looked lost when the instructor had to personally help me onto my bike. MEASUREMENTS ARE KEY, PEOPLE. Finding the right height and length to balance your bike makes a world of difference. Also participants are extra competitive in this class when they ask you to “saddle up”! This means you are not sitting on the seat and basically resistance running on your bike.

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