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Doug Schulte

Proozy Contributor

Doug Schulte grew up knowing golf would be his life.  He played collegiate and professional golf before turning his talents to teaching. He is a Master Teaching Professional, a Master Club Fitter, has an MBA and a MS in Psychology.  Currently, he is the Director of Golf at Metro Golf Teaching Academy and Co-Owner of BackSpin Golf.

Bananas are for Eating: Tips and Drills to Cure that Slice for Good

Doug Schulte -

 It’s a beautiful day on your local golf course, your buddy steps up to the tee and knocks a solid ball right down the middle of the fairway.  After admiring his shot for a second, you grab your driver, tee up your ball, aim 50 yards left into the trees and proceed to hit a massive slice that eventually ends up in the fairway.  

Sure you hit a fairway, but you’re 30 yards behind your buddy’s tee ball and he doesn’t let you forget it.

Sh*nk You Very Much: How to Fix a Bad Shank

Doug Schulte -

There are a few words or phrases that golfers never want to hear out on the course, “FORE!” “You’re still out.” and the granddaddy of them all “SH*NK”. Saying the word out loud on the golf course is equivalent to yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

Nobody wants to shank a shot, learn more with golf pro, Doug Schulte on how to fix your shank!