Frequently Asked Questions - Affiliate Marketing

Here are some quick answers to help you understand more about our Affiliate program:

What is affiliate marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where individuals can earn a commission by promoting products or services. Affiliates are typically paid a percentage of each sale that resulted from their link clicks.

What are some of the benefits of being an affiliate marketer?

  • It’s low risk
  • It’s free to become an affiliate
  • Very low start-up and ongoing cost to market online
  • Easy to scale – the better you promote, the more you make by getting more people to see what you share online
  • Flexibility/Targeted traffic – you can choose the deals that you resonate with (meaning that you’ll deliver better content no matter the platform you prefer)

Can my commission rate be increased?

  • We always offer opportunities to grow and increase commission. If you'd like to discuss your commission rate, reach out to your account manager.  In addition, we regularly offer deals with 10-12% commission per sale.

How much money can I make as an affiliate?

  • There is no set amount! It’s up to you. The more sales you generate, the more commission you will make. The average AOV at Proozy is $50, with a commission rate of 5%, you could be making $2 per sale.

Am I eligible to become a Proozy Affiliate?

  • Short answer: yes! If you have a following on a social media platform (big or small) or own your own website, and you align with our values then yes, you are eligible to become an affiliate with Proozy.

How Do Affiliates Make Sales?

  • Proozy affiliates make sales by sharing deals and special events with their audience.  Affiliates will promote deals that appeal to their audience through email marketing, blogs, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Pinterest, Podcasts, YouTube and other social media platforms. Affiliates earn a commission from all sales generated from their special link via their affiliate network.

    Sometimes affiliate marketers use only one of these methods, however the most successful ones employ more than one of these to create income from multiple streams.

What's an affiliate network?

  • Affiliate networks exist to act as a platform to connect publishers to advertisers. Proozy uses ShareASale as our network. We also partner with subnetworks such as Mavely, rewardStyle, Skimlinks, and BrandCycle to name a few. These networks make money through fees from brands. These fees are agreed to with each individual advertiser and are usually paid as a percentage of each sale made.

How does Proozy track publisher sales?

  • Every affiliate has a unique publisher ID. We embed the ID into a tracking link so every purchase made by clicking the link will credit the publisher (you!). The activity (clicks, sales, commissions earned etc…) can be viewed in the affiliate network dashboard.

How and when do I get paid?

Before you sign up and start promoting Proozy links, make sure you know the following:

  • ShareASale’s payment threshold–once you earn a minimum of $50 in commissions, you will be able to transfer that payment into your bank account.
  • All affiliate commissions begin at 3% per sale (coupon sites) with the opportunity to grow up to 8% per sale for influencers or bloggers.
  • Every affiliate is paid out on the 20th of every month–this includes your % commissions per sale and/or a paid placement fee.
  • We use cookies to track sales to pay to your account.

How do I choose an affiliate niche for my website or blog?

  • Your niche should be on a subject that you know well. Popular subjects in our program highlight fitness, family, deals, and buying on a budget. Once you find an area you want to work in, you should find an affiliate program that fits your niche well!

Do I need to use an affiliate disclosure statement?

Yes! Affiliate disclosure statements are required per the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

If you post your promotions on a website, an affiliate disclosure statement is legally necessary across your pages to share how a commission may be paid to the publisher (you) if the reader clicks or generates a sale from your affiliate links. (Example: We may earn commissions or products from the brands mentioned in this post).

When a social media account or influencer is promoting a product, they must include a tagline mentioning that it’s sponsored content. The purpose of this statement is to be as transparent as possible with the viewer and potential purchaser. (Examples: #ad,  #sponsored, #promotion). Where not character limited, a longer description should be used.

You can learn more by reading the FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines and also from Affiliate industry veteran Tricia Meyer.

Can I use Search Marketing (PPC/SEM) to promote Proozy’s program?

  • No. Search marketing is not allowed in our program. You may not bid on any of our trademarked terms (PROOZY), including any variations or misspellings for search or content based campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook or any other network. You cannot use our Brand or TM+ in your ad title, ad copy, display name or as the display url. You may not direct link to our website from any Pay Per Click ad or use redirects that yield the same result. Affiliates must be directed to an actual page on your website. We consistently police this and will be in contact if this policy is being broken which may result in the forfeiture of commissions.

Who typically is an affiliate marketer?

  • We’ve found that virtually anyone with an interest to share online content of any kind can be an affiliate. Some people are content writers, product reviewers, critics, podcasters, bloggers and everyday people that like to show off what they bought on media like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or their own website.

Does Proozy validate or express the opinions made in content from an affiliate?

  • No, affiliates are able to independently determine which product/service to share with their audience. No expressed opinions by any affiliate is to be considered an expressed opinion of Proozy.

How big is the industry of affiliate marketing?

  • BIG! Investment in the industry is $6.8 billion in the U.S., and above $13 billion globally.


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