Frequently Asked Questions - Affiliate Marketing

Here are some quick answers to help you understand more about our program:

What is affiliate marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser. It is a monetization model where an affiliate partner, which is you, is rewarded a payout for providing a specific result to the retailer or advertiser.
  • Typically, the result is a sale. But some programs can reward you for leads, free-trial users, clicks to a website, or getting downloads for an app.
  • Affiliate programs are usually free to join, so you don’t have to worry about high startup costs. If done well, this performance-based opportunity can go from side hustle to profitable online business idea by netting you a healthy income.

What are some of the benefits of being an affiliate marketer?

  • It’s low risk
  • It’s free to become an affiliate
  • Very low start-up and ongoing cost to market online
  • Easy to scale – the better you promote, the more you make by getting more people to see what you share online
  • Flexibility/Targeted traffic – you can choose the deals that you resonate with (meaning that you’ll deliver better content no matter the platform you prefer)

What are the commissions?

  • Proozy Affiliates get an array of opportunities to capitalize on traffic like curated deals at up to 12% per sale

Who typically is an affiliate marketer?

  • We’ve found that virtually anyone with an interest to share online content of any kind can be an affiliate. Some people are content writers, product reviewers, critics, podcasters, bloggers and everyday people that like to show off what they bought on media like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or their own website.

With so many ways to do affiliate marketing, where do I start?

  • Keep it simple to start – Most should be free to join like ours
  • Pick a channel (blog, Facebook, website)
  • Choose a niche that speaks to your knowledge, strengths and interests
  • Join a program that supports your niche/things you like to talk about
  • Create content that others can enjoy, find useful or provides authentic insight
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Get clicks on affiliate links
  • Convert clicks to sales
  • Take your time and refine your craft, success doesn’t happen overnight but if you consistently offer your audience good deals you know they like, it’ll happen a lot faster

Does Proozy validate or express the opinions made in content from an affiliate?

  • No, affiliates are able to independently determine which product/service to share with their audience. No expressed opinions by any affiliate is to be considered an expressed opinion of Proozy.

What if I’m already an affiliate and want my commissions to be adjusted to a better rate per the schedule for new affiliates per the new schedule?

  • This program is to encourage more activity from our affiliates, not to discourage them. Reach out to our team to discuss the matter. Most current affiliates should not be affected, we encourage you to reach out to us immediately to discuss further.