Karla Storey


Karla Storey


Role: Proozy Ambassador


Facebook-link: https://www.facebook.com/karlastoreyxoxo/

Instagram-link: https://www.instagram.com/karlastorey_/

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Twitter-link: https://twitter.com/karlastorey

Website: https://www.karlastorey.com

Website-text: karlastorey.com

Activity: Cake decorating and Blogging

Proozer's Pick-link: https://www.proozy.com/products/calvin-klein-womens-denim-trucker-jacket?variant=29182240686149

Proozer's Pick-text: Calvin Klein Denim Trucker Jacket

Bio: Fun facts about me: French fry obsessed, married my high school sweet heart, total night owl and comfy tee lover! My top 10 favorite things: 1. Taco tuesday 2. cake decorating (in LOVEEE with my new hobby! Need a cake or cupcake for a special occasion?! ;) Free cupcakes with any tee purchase should be a thing!!) 3. succulants and cacti 4. yoga pants (need I say more?) 5. Nutella.... Nutella is LIFE 6. candles (especially the savory ones) 7. cozy socks 8. water (yep, you'll find me with a 40 oz Takeya bottle, filled with water) 9. Gilmore Girls and 10. salt lamps (just don't lick them, please).