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Kat D-Villano

Proozy Ambassador

I’m Kat D-Villano. I’m currently live in OKC with my husband. I’ve had a love for fashion since I was a little girl. As a kid growing up in a good size family, clothing was a luxury thing for us. I remember if I wanted to buy a new dress, I had to save all my allowances for that year. I started buying clothes and dressing myself since I was ten years old. I believe that when you look good in turn you will feel good. I created “Emstyles” blog as an outlet so I can share the many wardrobe pieces I have collected/handpicked over the years. As I continue to collect more trendy pieces I can share them in this venue. My goal is to inspire women to dress well and feel sexy regardless of size or age. As I journey through fashion I hope to help you put outfits together in confidence.