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Kim Luyckx

Proozy Contributor

Kimberly has been studying all things yoga for over 25 years. She currently teaches privately in Sedona, Arizona as a fully certified and registered Hatha Yoga instructor. She was recently designated as a Continuing Education Provider through Yoga Alliance. Her blog site, Yogaposts, is a compilation of her work intended to inspire and motivate others on their own yogic journeys. Living in northern Arizona, Kimberly also enjoys hiking and traveling to nearby parks and recreational areas.

A Flat Belly or a Strong Core? - How Yoga Develops Core Muscles

Kim Luyckx -

As a dancer, I was told that holding your belly in is paramount to exhibiting a fit physic. Many men and women believe that a tight, sucked in stomach is the hallmark of fitness and what you need to do to “look thin.” The deeper practice of yoga, however, does not support this claim. Yogis believe that you should allow the belly to move with the breath.