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Kimee Reed

Proozy Contributor

Kimee is a water, sweet tea, hot tea, coffee drinking, book reading, blog writing, social media influencing, Jesus loving, librarian by day, chocolate eating, sometimes cooking, DIY doer, crime show watching, flea market, local, and bargain shopping obsessed wife and mom of three amazing bonus kids and 6 furbabies. Basically, she is a superhero. She loves writing, soaking in a warm bath after a long day, and is trying to get back into the swing of running. She also enjoys thinking of projects to have her husband do and using the famous last words, “How hard can it be?” Her passion is helping people. She and her family are blessed and love living in their fixer upper farmhouse in Arkansas.

Taking Control Of My Mornings And Starting New Habits

Kimee Reed -

Starting new habits and getting back into shape by doing something such as running can be difficult especially if you have no idea where to start or how to fit it into your already busy schedule. That’s why it is important to take control of our mornings and hang onto what is motivating us.

Read to find out tips to help you get started.