Lauren Selking


Lauren Selking


Role: Proozy Ambassador







Activity: Fitness, Fashion and Blogging

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Proozer's Pick-text: Sam Edelman

Bio: Hi y’all! I’m Lauren from Fort Worth, Texas! I am a lifestyle blogger with a love for family, food, fitness, fashion and really anything fun! I am a mom of two adorable kids. I have a BIG passion for college football [BOOMER SOONER]! And while I may be small, I am feisty and fun! I will choose the beach over the mountains any day and I am 100% an introverted extrovert. My favorite fitness activities are yoga, HIIT and running! Why I love Proozy? I love affordable fashion and anything that allows my momiform to be comfy yet put together.  Basically, if it can feel like I am wearing jammies but look cute it’s a winner in my book!