Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson is the founder and creator of Camping for Women. She currently serves as the Director and Editor of this significantly fast growing website that serves the needs of women outdoor adventurers globally. In this role Nicole has edited hundreds of specialist outdoor information products across all of Camping for Women’s articles, books, videos, resources, blog and social media. 

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Fellow outdoor adventurists,What is it about Mother Nature that draws us to be among her so much? Is it the appreciation of her beauty? The awesome majesty of her mountain peaks, valleys, waterways, forests, flora or fauna? Perhaps it is simply her serenity and ability to calm us and provide an escape from the otherwise insane pace that we endure in our ‘normal’ everyday lives.Depending on where you might be in your life’s journey, the answer to what draws you will be slightly different to anyone else’s, as we all have a different emphasis based on what each of us...

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