Sheila Hulsey


Sheila Hulsey


Role: Proozy Ambassador



Activity: Fitness and Blogging

Proozer's Pick-link:

Proozer's Pick-text: Reebok Women's V-Neck T-Shirt and Highrise Capri Leggings

Bio: I have spent 25 years of my life living a very active lifestyle, and I would describe myself as a health and fitness enthusiast. I started playing sports at the age of five, which included Softball, Volleyball, Dance, Cheerleading, Soccer, and Gymnastics. I currently work out every day, takes cycle classes, and practice gymnastics and flow yoga three times a week. I have always found that just throwing on a great outfit and running shoes gets me to the gym. Even on days when 'I've worked 12 hours, I manage to get to the gym. I've always felt having a stylish outfit motivates me to work out harder and get some great pics for my IG/blog and podcast @atthewellnest. I have worked in beauty, health, wellness, and fitness marketing for ten years and have had the pleasure of working with brands such as 2XU compression gear, Life Time Fitness, Bogner, and many more at the agency I have been with for ten years, The Woods & Co. I have learned that fashion plays a huge role in keeping an active lifestyle by working with industry insiders and working on their media campaigns. I am so happy to be a part of the Proozy team as they make it easy to purchase the brands I love to wear on my fitness adventures at a great price! I will be sharing my journey with Proozy on my Instagram Come hang out with me there and let’s talk active fashion! xx Sheila