Stephanie Ike


Stephanie Ike


Role: Proozy Ambassador



Activity: Photography and Blogging

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Proozer's Pick-text: Reebok Women's V-Neck T-Shirt and Highrise Capri Leggings

Bio: Hello there! My name is Stephanie Ike and I am a toddler mama to Ava May and I am a military wife. We are originally from NC, but have been in Seattle for the last four years. I started sharing my life and passion on Instagram for about a year now and I share anything motherhood, lifestyle, and beauty on my page! I’ve always loved taking pictures and I take my camera and my phone with me wherever I go. You’ll find me snapping pictures of my family at all times. I’m so excited to continue doing what I do, and to continue to grow and learn everyday. Thank you for allowing me to share a bit about myself!