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Cremax Indoor USB Powered Mosquito & Fly Trap

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Enjoy an insect-free home! The trap attracts mosquitos and fruit flies with the 365nm UV light, then the strong airflow sucks them into a chamber where they dehydrate and meet their demise. It's a non-toxic way to eliminate frustrating flies and mosquitos from your home in a way that's perfectly safe for pregnant women and children.

Product Features
  • Trapper emits 365nm light to lure mosquitoes and flies, then the strong built-in fan sucks them into the chamber where they dehydrate and die.
  • Eliminates insects without zapping or buzzing for a quiet, mosquito-free night in the summer.
  • Turn it on 3hrs before bedtime and close doors and windows for a better effect.
  • 1 year warranty; Available for standard shipping only. Cannot ship internationally. Not available for curbside pickup
  • 7.00" H x 4.80" W x 4.80" D; Style Number: CM-CL001; UPC: 757817237425