4 Season Camping Water-Resistant Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Slip into this sleeping bag and sleep tight tonight whether you're camping, hiking, backpacking or travelling. It features a mummy shape design that helps maintain a constant optimum temperature by keeping warm air inside and close to your body without circulating and cooling down. Cinched with a drawstring, the hood can be easily adjusted for wind and temperature control. Pull it tightly over your head to trap the warm air in, loosen it to let the sleeping bag cool down.

Product Features
  • Provides a warm and cosy sleep in cold damp night when outside by maintaining a constant optimum temperature
  • Adjustable drawstring mummy hood keeps your head and face warm while maximizing heat retention
  • Convenient full side dual zip with weatherstrip that helps reduce heat loss (can be zipped open inside and out)
  • Internal pocket for storing cellphones, tablets and other items
  • Sewn-in loops at bottom let you secure the sleeping bag to the ground so that you wont roll off