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New Balance Sports Calorie/Pedometer Monitors Body TRNr + App

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KEEP IT SIMPLE + STAY MOTIVATED: Sometimes it's the little things that help us stay focused and motivated - like setting goals! With the New Balance BodyTRNr, you can track your daily fitness goal and exercise data throughout the day. Set your fitness goal meter, then track your steps, distance, estimated calorie burn and exercise time. The lightweight, modern design and easy-to-use functions make the BodyTRNr perfect for your daily fitness routine.

Product Features
  • Bluetooth Smart Device: Watch compatible with bluetooth smart devices, transmits the following information from your watch to the fitness app via bluetooth
  • Calorie Monitor:Advanced 24-hour calorie burn,automatically resets at midnight
  • Pedometer/Data: Digital 2axis motion sensor,30 day workout memory,step counter,total distance,estimated calories burned
  • Syncs with Apple iOS Devices (iOS 6.0 or higher, iPhone 4S or newer, iPod touch 5th Gen or newer) as well as Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.

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