NuPouch Waterproof 5L Dry Bag

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Nupouch waterproof bags keep your belongings dry while being vibrant and colorful. Made out of tri-layer vinyl material, these traditional dry bags utilize a roll top seal to keep water out. Just fill the bag, roll the top over 3 times and connect the buckle. Whether on a boat, the beach or even at a water park, Nupouch waterproof bags will protect your stuff wherever you go. The 5L size is just the right size to use as a purse. There is enough room for your smart phone, wallet, keys, and even a small tablet. A sholder strap is included for easy carrying.

Product Features
  • Take it to the pool; take it on a hike, take it to the beach, and most of all, take it on all our travels
  • It holds gear, lunch and dry towels, valuables and more
  • Over-the-shoulder strap included
  • It folds up and packs light. Use it as an expandable extra bag for your travels
  • 5L