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Paderno World Cuisine 8-Cut Collapsible Spiralizer

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The new Paderno World Cuisine 8-cut collapsible spiralizer can be used with a wide range of fruits and vegetables, giving cooks endless options for savory and sweet dishes. Formerly available with four blades, Angel hair blade, shredder blade, chipper blade and straight blade, It now comes with three additional new blades that create thicker noodle strands, rippled, wavy cuts and thicker flat ribbons that reinvent classically high-carbon, high-calorie meals into healthy delights. Any of the seven blades can be used to make standard cuts, and both straight blades can be used to make accordions.

Product Features
  • Collapsible 8-cut Spiralizer makes thin and thick flat ribbons, curls and accordions, ultra-thin to Thick noodles, and a unique rippled, wavy cut.
  • Features a stainless steel pin that can be used to pierce vegetables to make accordion cuts, and to reinforce the hold on heavy, dense foods, such as sweet potatoes.
  • Exclusively-designed dual-sided brush is included to help keep hands away from sharp blades while cleaning.
  • Food-safe clear plastic tray is designed to catch noodles and ribbons as they’re made.
  • Blade holder folds down when not in use, taking up half the space for easy storage.