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Puffin Beverage Jacket

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Super-insulated puffer jackets work overtime to hold in heat and keep wearers cozy in all manner of icy environments. Luckily enough, these jackets work in reverse, too – holding in cold, keeping your beverages frosty from the first sip to the last drop. Simply dredge a can or bottle from the depths of your ice-filled cooler and zip it into its very own insulated jacket to preserve the Arctic-like chill. The jacket sleeves make convenient handles and an integrated silicone base helps keep containers upright, because spilling cold beer is too sad to bear.

Product Features
  • Intended for cans, but cozies up nicely to bottles, too
  • Jacket sleeves make convenient grab handles
  • Functional zipper ensures your beer is secure
  • Integrated silicone base amps up the insulation, prevents tipping