TaylorMade Rocketbladez Iron Golf Club

Product Description

Basically the story of the RocketBladez goes a little something like this: engineers took a cast iron ?Çô noticeably smaller than last year?ÇÖs RocketBallz, I might add, cut a slot in the bottom of it, and filled that slot with molten 3M goo. This club has been designated as "ARP". "ARP" (Asset Recovery Product) is a designation used to indicate that a club cannot be sold as "Brand New" in the retail market. A club may be designated "ARP" if it was part of a cancelled custom order, a retail account overstock, or even a club that had a slight cosmetic blemish from warehouse or pro shop handling. Cosmetic blemishes, if present, will be minor (perhaps a small nick, fleck or smudge) and will not affect play or performance. Please note that ARP Products do not come with accessories (i.e. headcover, torque wrench tool).

Product Features
  • mproved inverted cone design reduces directional dispersion to promote improved accuracy
  • Progressive offset promotes a square face at impact for straighter shots
  • New external and internal notches in the hostel make it easy to bend the head to adjust the lie angle
  • Does not include headcovers

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