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in Fitness -

Here we are, the last month of 2018. 27 DAYS left in the year and in 18 DAYS (December 22nd), the amount of daylight will start to INCREASE. Hang in there! The leftovers are hopefully all gone (food safety reasons) and the next couple of weeks are going to be a challenge on the food intake side.

Learn more about SMART goals in fitness and some quick tips for December!

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Sh*nk You Very Much: How to Fix a Bad Shank

Doug Schulte -

There are a few words or phrases that golfers never want to hear out on the course, “FORE!” “You’re still out.” and the granddaddy of them all “SH*NK”. Saying the word out loud on the golf course is equivalent to yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

Nobody wants to shank a shot, learn more with golf pro, Doug Schulte on how to fix your shank!

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Mountain Biking and this Seasons Take-Aways

Alec Helseth -

Are you getting out and riding your bike as much as you can before the winter season comes!? Well if you are like me and live in the beautiful state of Minnesota then it is already too late.  Fortunately, there is still plenty of riding to do in the winter if you can bear the cold, but that's not what I want to talk about with you today.

Rather, what did you learn this season on your journey to becoming the best mountain biker you can be?

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How Caddies Affect a Pro Golfer's Play

Peter Robbins -

These are the things a young professional golfer needs to succeed at the highest level.

A good golfer can survive, even become a millionaire, playing a reasonable standard of golf. There are plenty of examples on tour today, both male and female players who fall into that category, no names mentioned here.

Check out how caddies make a difference in the pro-game.

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