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10 Hiking Mistakes Frequently Made by Beginners

Ellie Coverdale -

It’s natural that hiking mistakes are made at one point or another in anyone’s life, whether they’re new to hiking or have been hitting the trails for years. What’s important to remember though, is that while some hiking mistakes are good learning experiences and quite minor, others can have serious, even fatal consequences. Here are the top 10 hiking mistakes commonly made that you should never make yourself.

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Taking Control Of My Mornings And Starting New Habits

Kimee Reed -

Starting new habits and getting back into shape by doing something such as running can be difficult especially if you have no idea where to start or how to fit it into your already busy schedule. That’s why it is important to take control of our mornings and hang onto what is motivating us.

Read to find out tips to help you get started.

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New Hiking Adventure: Vernon Hills Memorial Arbortheater

Dijana Ibric -

Does anyone else feel like this summer is just flying by?! Read more to learn about how Dijana's family spent their summer day at Vernon Hills Memorial Arbortheater!

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