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Top 4 Best Ski and Snowboard Resorts in the US

Alec Helseth -

From Big Sky to Colorado, and even the Sierra Nevadas we crave the speed and adrenaline pumping ride down the slopes. Whether you’re taking on double black diamonds or the bunny hill, snow sports is something that most can give a try. Check out our list of the top ski resorts in the US! 

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A Flat Belly or a Strong Core? - How Yoga Develops Core Muscles

Kim Luyckx -

As a dancer, I was told that holding your belly in is paramount to exhibiting a fit physic. Many men and women believe that a tight, sucked in stomach is the hallmark of fitness and what you need to do to “look thin.” The deeper practice of yoga, however, does not support this claim. Yogis believe that you should allow the belly to move with the breath.

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Everybody Can Do CrossFit - 3 Common Misconceptions

Jeff Culhane -

Now I’m not saying everyone should. However, a majority of the population is able to do a very simple version of the workouts. If I had to decide between having Type 2 diabetes, Heart disease, or sore muscles.. I’m going with the sore muscles option.

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