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in Golf -

It’s not always obvious what goals you would like to achieve for next season, which is why I have decided to share some useful tips on how to identify and set them. So, let’s begin!

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A dress, A Birthday, 26 pounds, and Courage: How Proozy’s own, Jackie Ballard lost 14% of Her Body Weight in 2 Months

Ben Gustafson -

Recently ProozyFit held a weight-loss competition organized by Kari Warwick, with the help of head of training Jeff Culhane. Kari and the team challenged Proozy employees to lose weight as an incentive to living a healthier lifestyle and keep active through Proozyfit.

Learn more about Jackie's courageous and inspirational act, and how she serves those around her.

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Tips for Visiting Yellowstone with Children

Proozy Contributor -

Here are 10 tips to follow that you should consider as you prepare for your visit with children. In order to maximize your experience in the park, especially if it might be your only time that you get to go to Yellowstone!

Peter and Dona Quinlan from livingtheqlife breakdown how to do Yellowstone with children.

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The Most Common Mistakes when trying to build GLUTES

Jeff Culhane -

Glutes are a MAJOR factor in overall athleticism for both men and women and their ability to produce power and change direction quickly. If your glutes are underdeveloped, you will most likely have a hard time playing most sports, changing direction, and even hiking can be much more difficult if your glutes are not performing like they should. 

Head of training Jeff Culhane goes into more detail on how to build glutes

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