Campfire Breakfasts and You - PROOZY

Campfire Breakfasts and You

Camping has always been a big deal in my family. It still is. As a matter of fact, roughly a quarter of the items on my wedding gift registry were camping related.

It seems like the evening meal around the campfire gets all of the attention. Everyone has a recipe for "THE GREATEST" something or other dish that their parents made for them when they were children. But one thing that could use a little shout out is the campfire breakfast. I've noticed that my parents' generation has developed an appreciation for this as well. Perhaps they're on to something. 

Here is a very biased look at what your campfire breakfast says about you:


You either have children, or you're a 1930s homesteader that loves their "Flapjacks" and the Gold Standard.

Avocado Toast

In a standard kitchen, this is simple. You toast some bread and cut up an avocado. Most people don't stop there. They go on to post several images of it on social media with a multitude of hashtags. The difficulty here is that toasting bread over a campfire can take some exacting skills. 

(Sidebar: Avocado Toast is a perfect example of celebration without much effort. It takes very little work or skill to make, but people will express their mastery in the kitchen and refined palate because they enjoy the dish.)

Campfire Potatoes

You have a simple palate, but in a good way. It's a basic dish that doesn't need a bunch of spices or oils to be great. It just takes time to achieve that glorious American Fries taste.


Eggs In A Bag 

This could go a lot of ways. You could be the science wizard that enjoys the odd way of cooking, or the Pintrest Planner, or even still the McGyver-style cook that just makes do with the tools at hand. Either way, it's a great way to handle what could be a messy clean up. You just toss the bag in the trash and go about your day.


Breakfast Sandwiches

You're the "Pie Iron Guy". You bought these things and you love them. This is their time to shine. Everything goes in there and you've made every meal in that thing: Pizza, grilled cheese, French toast, and EVERY MANNER OF DESSERT KNOWN TO FIRE. This was the absolute pinnacle of cooking over the campfire for me as child. It was like cheap, street magician and my stomach was the poor rube from the farm fields in the big city for the first time. 


You've either got a full day ahead of you or you're not a morning person, or both. Not to pass judgement, but cereal has always felt like a cop out in terms of breakfast options, so why cheat yourself? 

Whatever you're waking up with this camping season, enjoy it. You've decided to enjoy the outdoors, so why stop there? Put in some effort and embrace the challenge of cooking great meals with limited resources.

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