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Everybody Can Do CrossFit - 3 Common Misconceptions

Now I’m not saying everyone should. However, a majority of the population is able to do a very simple version of the workouts. If I had to decide between having Type 2 diabetes, Heart disease, or sore muscles.. I’m going with the sore muscles option. Roughly HALF of the adult population in the U.S. is either pre-diabetic or already has Type 2 diabetes. THAT IS TERRIBLE. Just to be clear we are talking about the adult-onset version that comes about with a certain lifestyle. This lifestyle choice is one that has less activity and more sugar. It’s a scary epidemic and it costs around 300 billion dollars a year to fight.

America's Diabetes Epidemic and How CrossFit Can Help

The other terrifying side of this disease is the fact that it is without a doubt creeping into younger populations. Never before in the existence of human life have we seen this level of Type 2 diabetes in young children.  Especially at such young ages. It is a scary path and it can be extremely hard to change something that has been a part of their lifestyle since they could walk.

What are your options?

What’s the solution? Well, you’re presented with a couple of options. One of them is to take drugs with a laundry list of side effects that sound worse than an intense scene in a horror movie. You know the ones, super intense side effects listed out loud as a model runs through a field as if they had the same scenario (they don’t)

The other solution. It also has side effects, like feeling better, weight loss, increased cardiovascular output, increased muscle mass, increased metabolism, enhanced mood, better sleep, increased feeling of well being, extended life in years, improved blood pressure, improved resting glucose metrics, improved vaso-elasticity, decreased risk of all cause mortality, decreased risk of Alzheimer's, decreased risk of some cancers, I could keep going with over 20 more ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL SIDE EFFECTS. What is it?!? You guessed it. EXERCISE AND HEALTHY EATING.

Yes it’s a bit uncomfortable, but are you being serious when you consider what can happen in a decade or two of letting that disease wrap its fingers around everything in your body to the point where some people have lost the battle, and have to give up limbs. I know a few TYPE 1 diabetics that have been dealt the hand of that disease that is 100% genetic and has NO CURE. They do not get to beat their disease with diet and exercise. It is a life sentence, and all of the TYPE 1’s that I know are active, even pro athletes, and can’t afford to eat crappily and not care. They are ON because their life depends on it.

 Don't Pigeon-Hole Crossfit for "Elite Athletes" only

With that being said we have also never seen so many people grab barbells or a set of rings and a kettlebell and get some work in. The CrossFit movement has spread worldwide and there’s a common theme. Let’s get these people moving better and eating less junk. Sure you can watch the CrossFit Games and see a female athlete deadlift 415lbs. That’s roughly .05% of the CrossFit population. That’s a couple people in 7 billion humans that can achieve that. The rest of the CrossFit population are humans just like you, getting some deadlifts in  and doing some running. If your against deadlifts, and running. Then you are in the no exercise camp, and I’m sorry but you are part of the problem, not the solution.

You have to realize there are 90-year-olds doing CrossFit and other forms of activity without Type 2 diabetes. They are the real MVP’s. I can’t imagine what I will feel like by the time I hit 90. Hoping there’s a hoverboard or similar by then. There’s also a younger population doing bodyweight workouts that used to be a staple in gym classes but in the past 20 years, the push for physical activity in the youth took a turn. Angry parents, more technology, more junk food, less recess, your guess is as good as mine.

Common Misconceptions

“I can’t do that”

Well, there’s your first problem. The negative attitude is not helping and most likely got you where you are. I’ve trained people that weigh 400lbs and lost 200lbs. There’s people with no legs doing CrossFit. Come on now. Sometimes it is more of a mental barrier than it is physical.  

”I heard it is dangerous”

So is getting in your car. However it needs to be done. Humans need exercise. No way around that one. The idea that a coach is forcing you to do anything is not the case. This misconception comes from people testing their limits to a point where they find that limit. All sports have risks and the gym is very controlled environment compared to a football field, highway, dirt bike track, mountain, etc. i have 4 plates and 30 screws in my arms, broken most fingers,right ankle, and multiple concussions, all outside of the gym. The gym is like a controlled lab, you control every movement, stop when you need to, cut it early, keep it light, whatever keeps you able to lift another day!

“It seems too crazy”

I have come to the realization that it is a program that can’t appeal to everyone. It’s like trying to be a DJ. It’s impossible to please every single person.  There will always be the yoga crowd, the spin cycle crowd, the runners, the bodybuilders, and the wild humans out hiking mountains, athletes, etc. Which is great honestly, as long as your active let's add to the circus that is this massive fitness industry.  The more people getting active the better. If you’re active and happy doing it. Keep going. For some of us when the music is turned up and we are chipping away at 2-5 different movements together, it’s the highlight of our day.

I could go on for a while but at the end of the day, you have to remember that everyone starts somewhere. If you are not active, CrossFit can be one of the best ways to create a new community for yourself and get some activity. Keep it light until the technique is SOLID, then with coach’s guidance add some intensity, and remember PROGRESS IS PROGRESS. Every single person’s journey is different. You could be a mom of 4 that has 7 minutes to get a workout in. Believe it or not, there are options out there. 7 minutes of burpees. How perfect. You could be recently retired and looking to keep some activity in your routine. Find a gym that actually cares and they should guide you through the journey safely and into some helpful movements that can increase your quality of life. Whatever you do, don’t let that sedentary lifestyle creep in. It’s already trying and if you let it, it can take over in some scary ways. Time to fight. Find that activity that gets you going and set it up. GO.

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Love it. Great summary. Totally agree that everything has side affects. Some of are good and some or bad. “Lets help make this planet little more healthier”.

Atul Agnihotri

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