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Gear Junkie: The One Stop Shop Outdoor Gear Review Site for your Outdoor Adventures

In the world of Outdoor Adventure enthusiasts, whether you’re a climber, hunter, fisherman, hiker, camper, or so on. We are often faced with the same issues. “I’m cold”, ‘my feet hurt”, “my boots are slipping and wet”, and “my equipment isn’t working as well as I would like” for example. So when we have these issues we often look to upgrade our gear for our next outdoor adventure, however we are faced with a barrage of different terminology and marketing claims by outdoor gear manufacturing companies. Often, this leaves us confused on which options to go for, should you go for that Marmot Jacket or Patagonia one? Why in the world is Arc’teryx gear so expensive? Fortunately for you has got you covered.

Gear Junkie

Gear Junkie is a Minnesota based review site, whose’ sole purpose is to help you conquer the many challenges of Outdoor Adventures. Gear Junkie writes helpful articles on both outdoor activities as well as Outdoor Gear. You can find a list of activity and gear review pages below.

Outdoor Adventure Activities:


It’s only natural to love both biking and the outdoors, the two go hand in hand. However, the way you experience biking and the outdoors can differ. If you’re somebody who routinely goes road biking, chances are mountain and trail biking may seem like a very different world than what you’re used to. If you are looking for a new challenge, gravel and trail biking may be right for you! Gear Junkie writer, and avid bike enthusiast Molly Hurford goes through in detail all the gear you’ll need to transition from pavement to gravel and trail in her article titled “End of the Road: Gear to Make Your Bike Adventure Ready”

camping gear guide


When it comes to camping, Gear Junkie covers a wide variety of gear for family campers, backcountry camping, car camping, and more. One issue that campers often come across is finding the right tent for you and the kind of camping you’re planning on doing. Gear Junkie covers this in their article titled “How to Choose a Tent: An Explainer” by Steve Graepel. Steve  breaks down the recommended different types of tents including Mountaineering Tents, Ultralight Shelters, and camping tents based off of the kind of camping you’re doing and your needs. Another helpful thing that Steve does is breaking down terminology of the make-up of a tent  (Single Wall vs. Double Wall, Tent Vestibules, In-Tent Storage) going into detail of what to look for, and what features you need based on your type of camping.

climbing beginners list



The climbing community is a very tight knit one with various un-descriptive language involving its terminology. In Gear Junkie’s climbing section you can find various different articles going over all things climbing. One of which I found to be helpful was an article titled “Sport Climbing Gear List: 12 Essentials for Beginners by Kyle Nossaman. The article extensively covers all the necessary gear you will need to start climbing, as well as some great recommendations on quality products for beginners.

alpine hiking


For passionate explorers it's a rush to experience a wide variety of climates and conditions. However, hikers are often faced with the choice of having either waterproof or breathable boots, this decision does not come easy as the two don’t often go hand in hand. Generally speaking though, in a hot and dry climate you’re going to want breathable footwear. Gear Junkie blogger Peter Reese goes through 5 factors to consider when choosing breathable hiking footwear in his article titled “Higher and Drier: Best Breathable Hiking Boots”. After laying out crucial features to look for, Peter goes lays out a few of the top choices from brands like; Arc’Teryx, Helly Hansen, Scarpa, and Under Armour.

elk hunting


Every hunter knows that his hunting gear can make or break the hunt. Coming into a hunt unprepared and equipped can even be dangerous. For this reason you must be able to reliably carry all the equipment you need on your back and body (especially for big-game). Whether that be your gear, or even hauling out an animal. Editor-in-Chief, avid outdoorsman, and hunter Sean McCoy from Gear Junkie goes into detail about a some of the best packs for your hunting needs in his article “Best Backpacks for Big-Game Hunting.

Outdoor Gear


Finding good outdoor apparel useful for protecting from the elements, from popular brands at a good price, is not an easy task. Being a product review site, this issue comes right up Gear Junkies areas of expertise. Peter Reese outlines 8 different pullover products that are a perfect gift for any summertime explorer in his post “Hiking Insulation: 8 Great Layers for Summer”. These products are sure to keep you warm on cold summer alpine nights, and keeping the sun off of you while keeping cool during day hikes.   

camp cooking

Food / Hydration

One new hot product trend in the world of outdoor food and hydration that people and companies are jumping onto is the cooler backpack. Anytime you’re setting up, or moving camp with a group of friends the most awkward, yet essential item to carry is the cooler with all your beverages. Especially if it's one of those big ones with the handles on the side, if you’re carrying it by yourself you have to do that awkward waddle, swinging that big thing around straining on your back. Personal struggles aside, somebody (a genius) invented a cooler backpack, making it much easier to carry your beverages, Nate Mitka reviews options you have in his article “Best Cooler Backpack Review: 6 Brands Put to the Test”.

taking better outdoor pictures

Technology / Photography

For those of us looking to document our outdoor adventures to share, and remember, Gear Junkie provides the best reviews on products and tips to bring your outdoor experience to the next level. Professional photographer, and videographer Benjamin Kraushaar recently contributed to Gear Junkie with an article titled “Fly Fishing Photography: 9 Tips to Take Better Photos”. I’d highly encourage any outdoor photographer to check this out as these tips can be applied to not only fly fishing, but just photography in general.

Side Note: Ben is an incredible photographer, the best fly fishing photographer I have ever come across, I'd highly suggest checking out his website as well at


Did you find helpful articles on gear from Gear Junkie? If you’re still looking be sure to check out Proozy’s selection of outdoor gear and apparel, and outdoor daily deals. Be sure to let us know about any outdoor products you love using, and if you’d like for us to try get a deal for it!

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