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How Group-Fitness Became "My Jam"

As a postgraduate student athlete, I needed to find a way to stay in shape while keeping an aspect of competition and accountability. I retired from Olympic lifts (cleans and jerks) and didn’t have the money to hire a personal trainer. This is when I discovered group fitness and haven’t stopped! Variety is the spice of life!

I knew I looked lost when the instructor had to personally help me onto my bike. MEASUREMENTS ARE KEY, PEOPLE! Finding the right height and length to balance your bike makes a world of difference. Also participants are extra competitive in this class when they ask you to “saddle up”! This means you are not sitting on the seat and basically resistance running on your bike. 

Hot Yoga

Sweat your ass off! My first experience was literally draining, I had to wring out my outfit before I put them in my dirty clothes bag. But it felt amazing to get a good sweat-on without doing hours of heavy weight lifting or strenuous cardio. And don’t sign me up for more cardio. Also - Make sure to come with a FULL water bottle.


Step aerobics felt like a flashback to the 90’s.  I remember watching my home daycare provider (big hair, sweatband, and tights included) interest her VHS and do a 20 min workout.  It’s a non-stop up and down party. Getting the patterns down was difficult because I was also trying not to fall over the platform. My heart rate was boosted from moving and thinking too hard.


Zumba is a workout and a dance lesson in one class. I took Zumba as a way to get out of my comfort zone and live the phrase “dance like no one is watching”. The top 40 music selection was thoroughly enjoyed.

HIIT Strength

Feeling strong! With high intensity sections of strength, core, and cardio (I gave into the cardio!) I could do a two hour weight lifting workout in 45 minutes. It’s the workout for an athlete, or an athletic wanna-be.


Never did I think moving “up and inch and down an inch” would make my thighs BURN!  The instructor says this over and over and over again, she really works ALL your muscles. It’s reassuring to see others in the class with shaking legs,  you are reassured that everyone is having a tough time. Modeled after ballet, leg warmers are encouraged.

I still love group fitness to this day!  I like to change up my fitness surroundings so my routine doesn't get boring or mundane.  Group fitness has helped me meet some of the greatest people and step out of my comfort zone when it came to trying new things and being confident.

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