Kelly Towart, Birkenstock

How To Buy Birkenstocks On Sale For The Whole Family!

Does anyone else feel like they buy shoes for their kids only to have them wear the shoes for about 5 minutes before they have grown out of them already?


Kelly Towart


I know we can’t the only ones! I personally prefer to buy Ayla a pair of shoes that are higher quality (and that she can hopefully pass down to her sister) but the price tags can be so high for shoes she will wear for just a few months. 



I ended up falling in love with these fun silver glitter Birkenstocks and knew I had to order matching pairs for Ayla and I to go with our Mommy and Me suits from Boden! I don’t plan on paying full price ever again for Birkenstocks, sneakers and athletic gear for my kids! Proozy has an amazing selection so I am sure you will find the perfect fit for your families needs! 



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