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Must-Haves For Your Phenomenal Backpacking Trip

Amanda Jerelyn -

Hitting the trails with necessities in your backpack is the most desired outdoor adventure to many explorers. To enlist what you will need to bring on a backpacking trip, you should ask yourself

The Hiking Brands To Look Out For

Harry Conley -

Hiking is a great outdoor activity, whether you prefer hard-core traipses through harsh environments, or just a leisurely ramble through gentle hills. Whatever your level and hiking preference, be sure to have the right equipment and clothing in order to keep you protected and comfortable. So, what are the best hiking brands on the market today?

Backpacking Essentials for a Weekend Hiking Trip

Kristin Savage -

As practice shows, most novice travelers come across the fact that they took a lot of unnecessary things on a hiking trip. In their turn, avid hikers already know what is a heavy backpack with unnecessary things behind the shoulders. They perfectly understand that in addition to things, you still have to carry food, water, a sleeping bag, and a tent. So, let's look at the key things you need to take with you.

Lesser Known Gems – 8 Incredible New Zealand Day Hike Trails

Harper Reid -

New Zealand is known for being a great nation to live active outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for an easy-going bush walk or a challenging day hike in the mountains, it’s not hard to find something for your fitness level. Here are 8 lesser-known day hiking trails in New Zealand you shouldn’t miss.

Hikes to Change Your Life: Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa and Lesotho

Natalie Rataczak -

"...Little did I know, I would be willing to pay my entire life savings (to be honest, that probably not that much more than $200 at this point…) for the hike upon which I was about to embark..."

5 Tips for Great Trail Hiking

Megan Maxwell -

I first got into backpacking during college on the Appalachian Trail. Upon graduation, I set out to hike the Appalachian Trail in its entirety from Georgia to Maine. Six months and 2,000 miles later, I completed my goal.