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What is Proozy?

Proozy is a fast-growing e-commerce company based out of St. Paul Minnesota. We partner with popular brands and suppliers to provide the highest quality of products to you at the lowest price. We do this so you can focus on spending time and money on doing the things that you love with quality apparel and gear.

Proozy's 3 Core Values

Our three core values are; Passion, Excellence, and Integrity. We do our absolute best as a business to fuel our passions into life. Golf, Outdoors, and Fitness being our 3 core areas of business, we strive for excellence in each of these categories. We always encourage others to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. However, we have taken this to the next level, opening our very own state-of-the-art gym called ProozyFit. Building programs through our very own personal training staff.

Push The Limit

You'll hear us say this a lot. You may even ask yourself, what does "Push The Limit" even mean? For us pushing the limit is about innovating, hard work, and feeling the sense of accomplishment you get from achieving a goal you set for yourself. As an example, for every marathon runner out there, you remember that indescribable feeling you got when you finished your first race, that sense of euphoria. That's what Proozy is all about. In whatever goal you have in life, whether that be fitness, sporting, travel, or other important aspects in your life, we promote the realization of your untapped potential.


So are you someone who pushes the limit? Strives for greatness? If that sounds like you, join the movement. Tag #LiveProozy on Instagram, Facebook, and social media. Are you an Athlete, Instagram Influencer, or Celebrity? Contact us, we'd love to pursue a partnership.


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