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Sterling Munksgard in Fitness -

“Sterling, you are going to die if you do not make a change in your life.” Those were the words from my doctor when I visited him to get a prescription for a sinus infection in the spring of 2016.  He was referring to my resting heart rate, which was now pushing well over 90, and a blood pressure, which fluttered around 180/120. “Your body is a ticking time bomb” he followed up. All I could do was mumble, “yeah, I know” staring at the skeleton in the corner. I weighed in well over 300 LBS in a 6-foot-tall frame. But...

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Amy Opsal in Fitness in Womens -

  1. Cycle - I knew I looked lost when the instructor had to personally help me onto my bike. MEASUREMENTS ARE KEY, PEOPLE. Finding the right height and length to balance your bike makes a world of difference. Also participants are extra competitive in this class when they ask you to “saddle up”! This means you are not sitting on the seat and basically resistance running on your bike.

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Katie Dunlop in Fitness in Womens -

Women around the world are getting their sweat on with Love Sweat Fitness, a fitness and lifestyle community created by southern California’s Katie Dunlop. In January Dunlop launched an 8 week at-home workout guide for women along with a 4 week meal plan designed to jumpstart your health and fitness goals. The guides are downloadable e-books complete with an easy to follow, step-by-step exercise and nutrition plan are based off of her own 45lbs weight loss transformation and experience as a certified personal trainer. The Hot Body Guides are tools to empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin....

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