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How to Become a Better Golfer this Winter Offseason

Ben Gustafson -

So how can us cold-climate golfers keep up during the winter you ask? I’d encourage everybody to check out the details and resources I have played out below to help you become a better golfer over the winter season.

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Putting with the Pin in.

Peter Robbins -

Professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau has decided to make use of a new rule change for 2019 from the USGA and R&A that will allow players to leave the flagstick in while putting on the green.

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Canadian Golf and Travel Destinations

Mike Johnny -

If you’re not from Canada, for goodness sake, do your homework on the weather…we do extremes exceptionally well.  I pack a winter hat (toque) in my golf bag all year just so you know.  If you’re open to all that’s possible in Canada here are just a few options...

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5 Things I Learned After Golfing with an "Old Guy"

Danny Schmitz -

I played my first round of golf with my father-in-law under a sweltering June, Father's Day sun. Although I had known him for years prior to that day, and we had shared many a heartfelt, "man-to-man" kind of moment...

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